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    Enjoy exotic island breezes with this delightful coconut wax candle. Made by gently cooling warm organic coconut oil from the Islands of Fiji, this candle will burn brighter for longer without adding any toxins to the air and leave nothing behind beyond a yearning for a hammock in the sunset and the feel of sand beneath your feet. Soot-free, toxin-free and with more than 50% more burning time... feel free to fall in love with candlelight once again. Approximately 34 hour burn time.
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    New Zealand

    Superb candle: efficient and finely fraganced

    These candles work for me. They last for hours, provide a fine but delicate fragrance, and burn all the way to the bottom of the glass container. So few candles do that. I trim the wick each time I light them but the wick doesn't get too long. The candles do not smoke. I regard them as great value for money and a lovely ambience in my home. Please keep making them.