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Aroma Diffuser (6oz/180ml)
Price: $65.00
Availability: In Stock
Pure Fiji Item #: NZ-G-AD180 -

    Aroma Refill
    Price: $38.00
    Availability: Out of Stock
    Pure Fiji Item #: NZ-G-AR -

      Coconut Wax Candle
      Price: $50.00
      Availability: In Stock
      Pure Fiji Item #: NZ-G-CW9 -

        We think the best properties of this pure coconut wax candle are that it’s; organic, sustainable, eco-friendly and fills any room with a unique infusion enhancing relaxation. This candle embodies every aspect and detail of fine candle making from; color, burn time and the intensity of scent. Pure Fiji’s coconut wax candle delivers a decadent, luxurious fragrance and brings showstopper vibes to any room. This candle delivers approximately 34 hours burn time. You'll think you've gone to heaven,...

        Room Mist - Travel Size
        Price: $15.50
        Availability: In Stock
        Pure Fiji Item #: NZ-PF-RM3 -

          Transform your home into a tropical paradise with the exotic aromas of the Fiji Islands that instantly refresh; rooms, linens, cars and more. You won't have to douse your home with un-known weird-as-all-hell chemicals anymore plus you'll be surrounded by the comforting and harmonious sensation of tropical fruit and floral-aromas from the South Pacific.

          Wax Melts (5 pack)
          Price: $20.00
          Availability: In Stock
          Pure Fiji Item #: NZ-A-WM -

            Bring the romance of a tropical vacation home with the exotic fragrances of the Fiji Islands. Hand poured from the Fiji Islands these natural beeswax melts are hypo-allergenic which makes them great for people with allergies or other sensitivities. The health benefits of Beeswax candles are plentiful including; low toxicity, cleaner air, and better relaxation. Create clusters of candles for an eye-catching magical glow, place the groups throughout different areas in your home like the dining...