3 Benefits of Properly Preparing Your Skin

Summer is in full swing - a time for pool parties, vacations, reunions, outdoor sports, weddings, and other celebrations. It’s also a great time for a skin care makeover. We’re guessing you want long-lasting luminosity, flawless makeup, ultimately, a face that can endure the wrath of eating, drinking, and dancing all night long, right? 

With the proper prep, your makeup will look better and stay on longer. Plus, these prep steps can be done on your everyday look should you feel inclined. It's all about getting your skin to look its best so you can feel your best. Here's how to prep your skin for a full-glam summer look that really hits.

3 Benefits of Properly Preparing Your Skin

1.Your makeup will stay put

Make sure you layer your skincare products in the right sequence under your makeup. Otherwise, you risk the foundation slipping and sliding on your face. This is especially important if you’re in a humid climate.


2.Your skin will forgive you afterwards

Makeup isn't exactly nourishing to your skin. So, if you skip skin prep, your complexion may feel neglected after a few hours of wear. When skin is dehydrated and irritated, you’ll typically experience redness, breakouts, and uneven texture.

3.Getting a glow is much easier

Highlighters are not the greatest for the skin especially over your large pores - it just emphasizes them. With the right hydrating products, a dewy finish is much more realistic to achieve. That’s why you’ll love our newest product Hyaluronic Booster 8.  This lightweight formula is enriched with 8 targeted forms of skin- loving hyaluronic acid, plus hydrating Ngi Grass and Plant Collagen, plumping the skin’s surface in seconds! With continuous application Hyaluronic Booster 8 can stimulate skin to produce more hyaluronic acid for deeper moisturization and younger looking skin! Amazing right?

5 Common Skin Prep Mistakes

The first part of nailing a skin prep routine is knowing what habits and products to ditch or set aside.

1.Skipping exfoliation

Keeping up with regular exfoliation and even getting specialized facial treatments a few weeks or even months before (especially for major events) will take your look to the next level.

2. Mixing incompatible products

Avoid mixing silicone-based products with oil-based products, your skin care and makeup won't sit right. Pilling and clumping of foundation are often caused by mixing the two.

3. Ditch the actives

Skip the retinol the night before a big event and focus on hydrating and soothing ingredients instead like dilo oil and Ngi grass.Pure Fiji’s Dilo & Coconut Hydrating Masque delivers a powerful hydration boost to skin with high performance, plant derived naturals. Your skin is deeply nourished and repaired, hydration of the epidermis significantly improved, which results in firmer, hydrated skin.

4. Applying foundation too soon

It's essential to let the many layers of skin care set in before applying makeup.  You should wait at least five to  10 minutes for your moisturizer to dry before applying makeup. In that way your skincare products have enough time to be fully absorbed into your skin so they can do their job without being interrupted by makeup. In addition, this prevents your makeup from looking streaky or splotchy.

5. Too much sunscreen

Before applying any makeup on top of your sunscreen, give it at least two minutes to sink into the skin. If you want your sunscreen to work under makeup, always buy a sunscreen that is specifically formulated for facial skin. These sunscreens are more lightweight than traditional sunscreens and will not make your skin look cakey.

Key takeaway

If you've ever wondered how red-carpet skin looks so glossy, now you know the behind-the-scenes work that goes into it. With the right natural skincare products and a solid skincare routine you can prep your skin for super smooth makeup application. Looking after your skin is important all year round, but when there’s heavy makeup involved, you really want to nurture that blank canvas of yours so it can literally bounce back the very next day.

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