5 Ways to Improve Your Skin Pre-Wedding

If there was ever a time to take up a good skincare routine, it’s in the lead up to your wedding. Having healthy-looking skin is an essential part of feeling confident on the big day. However, we often forget that the normal stress associated with your pending wedding can really take a toll on the health and appearance of your face.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Skin Wedding Day Ready?

If your skin typically doesn’t have any major concerns and you’re looking to achieve a more glowy appearance on your wedding day, then three months is enough time to get prepped. If you’re struggling with acneic skin conditions, you’ll definitely need six months.

The main goal is to get the skin in a really good place, so that on the big day the bride is not overly dependent on makeup. In addition, having a gorgeous complexion will make your makeup artist’s job easier. We know that you want to look and feel your very best on your wedding day and a big part of that is feeling totally confident with your skin. So, if you have concerns or have a skin condition causing you stress, doing some prep now will really pay off.

Wedding Prep Skincare for Glowing Skin

1. Stress less

It’s easier said than done but here’s the thing. A calmer mind leads to a calmer skin. We don’t want those cortisol levels to rise. Cortisol causes increased oil production in your skin glands, which can lead to clogged pores and acne breakouts.

Inflammatory conditions such as eczema can flare up with high stress levels, while sleepless nights will mean dull, lackluster skin. Sleep enables the body to reverse everyday free radical damage by replenishing energy, building new cells, and repairing connective tissue. Sleep is an ideal time for cellular renewal and overall repair for the skin and other organs, poor sleep is quite apparent in the complexion.

A warm bath can help to relieve tense muscles and ease your mind. Just 10 minutes in the bath can help improve your overall mood and your response to mental stressors.

Adding a bath soak with a pleasant scent helps to enhance the stress reducing properties of the bath. Try Pure Fiji’s Coconut Milk Bath Soak with its blend of exotic nut oils and mood-boosting infusions, like guava, coconut, mango and orange blossom.

To further boost your experience, add an island votive  candle from Pure Fiji to transport you to paradise.

2. Seek help from your esthetician

If you have no idea where to start, now’s the time to seek help from the experts - they’ll be able to talk you through a personalized routine that will promise results. Speak to a holistic facial therapist at least six months before the wedding and work out a regular monthly routine of treatments. They will also suggest which skincare products would be the most suitable for you to use at home. Alternatively, you can reach out to us and we’d be more than happy to help you choose the right natural products.

 3. Schedule your treatments wisely

Before you book in for a full menu of skincare treatments, remember that timing is everything - and that you don’t want to overdo it.

Monthly facials and peels during the three months prior to the wedding can be really beneficial. However, avoid a new treatment for the first time just before the wedding. This is not the time to be experimenting. Allow your skin enough time to recover from any downtime, without losing the wow factor that the treatment has provided.

If budget is a concern you can certainly perform your own at-home spa facials with Pure Fiji’s Glycolic Overnight Renewal Peel with Mandelic and Niacinamide. Before starting a glycolic acid peel, avoid all forms of exfoliation, that’s both from at-home use and/or at the spa or a dermatologist’s office. It’s prudent to check and see if your skincare products include any AHAs, BHAs, PHAs, and certain botanicals because these ingredients possess exfoliating properties. Therefore, you’d want to avoid them for several days prior to a glycolic acid peel.

How to Use Pure Fiji’s Glycolic Overnight Renewal Peel with Mandelic and Niacinamide

  • Use a bamboo fabric headband to keep hair out of your face as you apply your products and cleanse your skin.
  • Apply the Glycolic Renewal Peel one to two times a week to clean skin.
  • At night, apply to a clean, dry face, neck, chest, and the back of hands. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove with a damp warm towel.
  • Avoid the eye area.
  • Always hydrate with a facial oil or moisturizer after applying.
  • Can be used as a spot treatment.
  • Can be used overnight, however we recommend using the Glycolic Renewal Peel once or twice for just 30 minutes before using it as an overnight masque.
  • It is recommended to do a patch test before using a new skincare product.
  • If irritation occurs, discontinue use.
  • Avoid direct sunlight after use.

4. Gua Sha facial massage

To sculpt and tone your face without any invasive treatments, a gua sha facial massage is the answer.

Face massage is an amazing trick you can do at home to give your skin a boost and to switch off and manage any stress levels and anxieties.

The frequency of use will depend on your skin type and your skin's tolerance for the method. As you start to get used to it and get more comfortable with your techniques, you should aim to use gua sha at least two to three times per week.

Use your gua sha in the morning if you want to treat puffiness and energize your skin, while at night you work more on relaxing the muscles and releasing tight connective tissue.

5. Treat your skin from within

Eating well goes hand in hand with any products you’re relying on for a radiant glow. The most effective way to look after your skin is through lifestyle and diet choices. The skin is our largest organ, and it gives us a picture of what is going on inside the body.

Moderation is key, but you might want to save the alcohol indulgence until the day of the wedding.

Reducing sugary foods and drinks, high glycemic index food (such as white bread, potatoes, white rice or pasta) and possibly also milk may reduce breakouts in some acne sufferers. Have a think about whether any of these foods tend to cause problems for you and what happens if you reduce consumption of them for a few days, weeks or even a month before the big day.


Planning a wedding is stressful, and stress is one of the worst things for your skin. Remember that gorgeous skin doesn’t happen overnight. No amount of photo editing will smooth and clear your skin like a solid skincare routine and good old-fashioned self-care. The bottom line is, this is when your skin might need a little extra TLC  so don’t be coy if you need help choosing the right products for your skin.

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