8 Ways To Minimize Your Pores

The good news is that you can minimize how they look with a consistent natural skin care routine and pore-minimizing products.

Do you want to get rid of your large pores? Sorry but that's not possible. It's simply in your DNA. You see you can't actually shrink them, but you can make them appear smaller.

The truth is you cannot permanently change the size of your pores. In addition as we age we lose more collagen which can result in larger pores. The good news is that you can minimize how they look with a consistent natural skin care routine and pore-minimizing products.

How to Shrink Facial Pores Naturally and With Products

1. Weekly exfoliant

Exfoliation is a must because you don't want dead skin cells to clog your pores, making them look even larger.

Use these guidelines:

  • If you have an oily or combination skin type you can exfoliate up to three times a week.
  • If you have sensitive skin; exfoliate once a week.

We recommend Pure Fiji's Exfoliating Scrub. This formula's naturally effective complex of ingredients delivers a bevy of benefits. A gentle yet thorough manual exfoliant, boosted with small amounts of Papaya enzyme, cleansing without stripping the skin. This scrub gently loosens and dislodges dead skin cells and impurities while helping to even out and brighten skin tone. New skin is immediately hydrated and protected with Pure Fiji's blend of exotic drift nut oils.

  • Papaya and pineapple fruit enzymes delicately exfoliate to safely lift away dead surface cells.
  • Safe for the environment; the jojoba beads brighten the skin and ease away impurities.
  • Macadamia, dilo and sikeci oils provide antioxidant protection.
  • Virgin coconut oil: nature's richest sources of lauric acid, known for its intensive moisturizing properties as well as its skin calming and soothing abilities.

2. Mask weekly

When your pores are clean and free of any built-up dirt and oil they appear smaller. Clays and charcoal masks help to draw out impurities, bacteria, and oilóbasically all the gunk that clogs the pores and stretches their size.

Mask treatments will give you temporary results so you need to keep up with it on a consistent basis just like your exfoliation. We recommend masking once or twice a week.

3. Steam facial

Why should you bother with a steam facial? Making the time to go to the spa or doing your own at-home spa facials is so worth it. The steam will open up your pores and remove all any debris and that's a good thing.

4. Wear sunscreen

UV exposure can absolutely lead to larger pores because it breaks down and damages the collagen in the skin.

Sunscreen is must all year round not just in the summer. Use a minimum broad spectrum SPF 30 as part of your daily skin care routine.

5. No makeup during workouts

Your pores are surrounded by blood vessels and can dilate with heat and sweating, and when that happens your pores appear larger and more visible. And if you're wearing makeup you're basically digging a bigger a hole for all that oil and dirt to get trapped inside your dilated pores.

It's important that you wash your face before and after with Pure Fiji's sulphate-free cleanser. Perfect for all skin types, this hydrating cleanser boosted with sugar cane and papaya extracts purify and brighten the skin without over-drying or irritating the skin leaving the skin feeling exceptionally smooth and radiant. It also balances the production of sebum to help eliminate acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

6. Gotta tone it

If you still think you don't need a toner well think again. A toner is amazing for getting every last bit of pore-clogging dirt off your face.

We believe this will be a game-changer in your skin care routine. Pure Fiji's Balancing Toner removes final traces of makeup and impurities, while also balancing your skin's pH level, thus prepping your skin to soak up any serum or moisturizer. Brimming with green coconut kinetin it increases collagen production. Absolutely alcohol free which is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

7. Prime up

Primers are a temporary solution for making your pores look smaller. A primer is what you put on your face before your makeup foundation. Look for a silicone-based primer as these have a thicker consistency and work well to smoothen out pores, wrinkles, acne scars, and fine lines. They also prevent breakouts and aggravation of acne.

8. Skip all that gold dust

Shimmery makeup can be a lot of fun and excitement to your makeup routine but unfortunately it accentuates the size of your pores. If you absolutely must wear it apply the shimmery makeup to the areas of your face where you will most likely have smaller pores such as the top of the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your eyelids.

Bottom line use mattifying makeup products on any areas with larger pores.


A healthy lifestyle combined with a consistent skin care routine using natural skin care products is a critical part of keeping your skin healthy and minimizing the size of your pores. Don't let large pores get you down. As you can see there are plenty of ways to fool your eyes to make them appear smaller.

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