Why Natural Skin Care Products Matter

Here are plenty of reasons why switching to natural skin care products makes sense.

The number of searches for natural skincare products on Pinterest has been growing year over year. The NPD Group released the Women's Facial Skincare Consumer Report, revealed that 40% to 50% of women buying skin care products are actively choosing those that contain natural or organic ingredients and for good reason. Here are plenty of reasons why switching to natural skin care products makes sense.

1. The power of botanicals

Botanicals are powerful extracts and oils that come from; flowers, herbs, nuts, seeds, roots and berries. And when harnessed in the right way, they can do wonders for our skin. If you're looking for plant ingredients they are often listed in Latin. In addition, the higher up an ingredient is on the list, the more of the product it contains.

One of the reasons to trust Pure Fiji's natural skin care products is because their botanical plants have grown organically in the ""wild"" rather than a farm environment, and they are harvested sustainably without impact on the plants themselves or the surrounding environment. This also reduces our requirement for energy dependent irrigation and fertilization methods thus limiting our carbon impact.

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2. You're being kind to the planet

At Pure Fiji we are acutely aware of our carbon footprint and the need to utilize Fiji's environmental resources appropriately and sustainably. We make every effort to minimize and where appropriate, enhance Fiji's unique ecosystem. Pure Fiji continues to research and implement programs that reflect good conservation measures while reducing and helping negate our carbon footprint.

Our raw ingredients are wild-harvested - which reduces the need for artificial irrigation, fertilization and pesticides, thus reducing the impact on the local ecosystem.

Our nut oils are cold pressed, coconut oil is used to power cars and generators in rural communities, and a tree planting program is in place.

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At the Pure Fiji complex in Suva, gardens and the building alike have been designed to maximize insulation and reduce the factory's dependence on air conditioning.

By-products from processing of our raw ingredients are recycled as fertilizer and mulch for factory gardens - and a massive vegetable plot supplies factory staff with a constant stream of organic produce.

3. What goes on your face also goes in your body

The skin is your largest organ and what you put on your skin is absorbed by your skin. So if your skin care products contain chemicals you can barely pronounce why would you put them on your skin?

Make sure you absolutely avoid these ingredients:

Sodium lauryl sulfate

SLS is typically found in shampoo, body wash, and face wash. This chemical has been linked to skin irritation, canker sores, disruptions of the skin's natural oil balance and a major contributor to acne (especially cystic acne) around the mouth and chin.


Parabens (methylparabens, propylparabens, butylparabens, and ethylparabens) help preserve the shelf-life of your skin care products. You'll typically find them in face cleansers, face creams, face masks, body wash and shampooóthey are basically everywhere. The scary part? Several studies have linked parabens to breast cancer!


These are synthetic antioxidants that are used to extend shelf life and are likely carcinogens and hormone disruptors that may cause liver damage.


These nasty chemicals are typically found in face exfoliants, scrubs and body wash. Polyethylene/PEGs are made of tiny plastic beads and are typically contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, which the U.S. government considers a probable human carcinogen.

With Pure Fiji's Exfoliating Face Scrub you can have the peace of mind that we use jojoba beads designed to gently polish skin and ease away impurities. In addition, we use papaya and pineapple fruit enzymes designed to remove dead skin cells and impurities in the skin. The result? Healthy, radiant skin!

Mineral oil and petroleum

You may not realize this but mineral oil can lead to dryness and chapping which is the exact opposite of what you're trying to achieve. Petroleum products can contain an 1,4-dioxane has been found to cause cancer in animals. So the next time you pick Chapstick for your lips think again.

We recommended Pure Fiji's lip balm which contains safe ingredients including:

  • Cold pressed virgin coconut oil, macadamia, dilo and sikeci oil
  • Beeswax
  • Castor Oil

As you can see there are plenty of reasons why switching to natural skin care products makes sense. But guess what? Not all natural skincare ingredients are good for you, either. That's because the term ""natural"" is not regulated by the FDA. So how do you really know if we're using natural, safe ingredients? Read the ingredients on the product labels. If you have any questions about Pure Fiji's natural skin care products and organic oils be sure to contact us. We're always here to help you achieve healthy skin and a clean complexion that everyone will envy!

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