12 Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips That Promote Natural Looking Beauty

From what we put inside our bodies to what we include in our skin care routine they can all contribute to wrinkles. So what's the solution? Here are 12 ways to up-lift your anti-aging skin care routineÖ

You're probably not aware of this but your daily habits mightily contribute to the health of your skin. From what we put inside our bodies to what we include in our skin care routine they can all contribute to wrinkles. So what's the solution? Here are 12 ways to up-lift your anti-aging skin care routineÖ I'll bet you wished you had known this sooner.

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1. Avoid too much weight gain

When your face looks full it will usually make your cheeks plumper and stretch your face resulting in fewer wrinkles. But unfortunately if you gained weight in the neck area too that's when you look older than you really are.

2. Use hydrolyzed soy protein

Hydrolyzed soy protein in skin care products increases the ability of the skin to hold moisture and provides a smoothing effect that minimizes roughness and wrinkles.

Introducing Pure Fiji's Hydrating Multi Active Night Creme!

  • reduces wrinkle depth by 45% after 3 months of use and helps the skin to maintain optimum hydration
  • plus it helps promote collagen synthesis while keeping the skin softer and smoother
  • hydrolyzed soy protein is an active principle created for tired and un-toned skin: it reduces irregularities, dryness and effectively fights wrinkles and face lines by oxygenating the skin
  • increases cell absorption of oxygen and efficient use of oxygen increases cell respiration +142%
  • increases cell growth +58%

How awesome is that!

3. Cut back on sugar

Sugar is a major contributor to the loss of firmness in the skin, which can age you significantly. Foods high in sugar have been linked to advanced glycation end products (AGEs) which cause wrinkles and loss of collagen and elastin. Focus on a balanced diet with plenty of protein and fresh vegetables.

4. Sun protection

To avoid premature aging of your skin, you should use a sunscreen identified as ""broad-spectrum."" This means it blocks out both UVA and UVB rays, unlike just a sun protection factor (SPF) designed to block burning UVB rays. Look for sunscreen with zinc oxide for broad-spectrum sun protection and an SPF of at least 30. You can also experiment with physical protective barrier clothing and hats which are essential for protecting the skin.

5. Stay hydrated

If you don't drink enough water it typically results in the increased appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dullness. The amount of water you need depends on your body size and how active you are. Obviously if you're exercising you'll need to replenish all that sweat. Drink enough so that you keep a healthy dewy glow.

6. Use a cleansing brush

The beautiful thing about cleansing brushes is that it helps remove those dull, dead skin cells and it helps to absorb your products more effectively.

7. Get to bed early

Sleep is essential to your well-being. When we are sleeping, our bodies are repairing; detoxifying and our hormones are balancing. If you want to avoid puffy eye bags and the dry skin that makes you look older you need to get enough ""beauty sleep"".

8. Use products with moisturizing ingredients

Skin appearance is strictly related to water retention. As time goes by, skin becomes thinner, the face starts to crease and you look aged because it retains less water and its collagen and elastin content decreases. Nourishing your skin with healthy foods like salmon and other fatty fish is important, but you really need products with moisturizing ingredients like Ngi grass which is grows in Fiji. Pure Fiji's Hydrating Multi Active Day Cremeboosts hydration by increasing cellular water flow as well as moisture holding power for 24 hours.

9. Sleep on your back

Do you remember the last time you woke up one morning and noticed the lines on your face because you slept on your tummy or on your sides? Well those ""sleep wrinkles"" can be easily avoided if you sleep on your back.

10. Shower right after your workout

Skipping your shower will result into all that dirt and grime settling into your pores which could make them larger; a sure sign of aging. Wash your face twice a day with Pure Fiji's Purifying Cleanser. This unique cleanser is loaded with pineapple and papaya extract designed to brighten the skin and gently removes aging skin cells.

11. Use products in the right order

You may have the greatest natural skin care products but if you're not using them in the right order or you skip steps you can't really expect to get great results. The way you take care of your skin day in and day out is a direct reflection on how your skin ages.

After cleansing, apply Pure Fiji's Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream, followed by a hydrating serum, then finish off with your moisturizers. The last step in your skin care routine depends on the time of day: In the morning, finish with sunscreen. In the evening; finish with your night cream.

12. Use peptides to tighten slack neck skin

Look for products containing peptides, which can stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. Pure Fiji's Intense Day Creme contains Palmitoyl Oligopeptide - Palmitoyl Tetra Peptide-7 is designed to reduce wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. In clinical studies, it has shown to:

  • increase overall collagen synthesis by up to 117%
  • increase collagen IV synthesis by up to 327%
  • increase synthesis by up to 267%

The outcome of the studies revealed that deep wrinkles were reduced by half. Smaller wrinkles and fine lines sometimes faded completely away. And what's even better, every participant in the study showed noticeable improvement within two weeks. The result was fewer wrinkles and younger looking skin.

More isn't always better when it comes to aging. In fact, being too aggressive with your skin can make you more susceptible to wrinkles. By arming yourself with Pure Fiji's natural skin care products from the Fiji Islands; which are designed to help slow down the aging process coupled with making smart lifestyle choices you can erase years from your face.

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