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How do I join?

Simply sign up for a Pure Fiji account. If you already have an account then you are already enrolled and will already be earning points on each purchase.

How do I earn reward points?

You earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. So if you spend $100 you will earn 100 points. You can also earn additional points:

  • When you first register: 50 points
  • On your birthday: 100 points (if you enter your birth date)
  • When you review a product: 50 points (per month)

How much are points worth?

Points are worth $0.03 each, so 100 points would be worth $3.

How do I redeem points?

You can redeem your points when you checkout, simply open the section for reward points and click apply to use your points on your order.

How do I check my point balance?

You can view your balance by visiting your account page when logged in.

Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?

NO, there is no limit, you can earn as many points as you like.

What do the points statuses mean in my account?

Approved: These points are available to be redeemed immediately!
Pending: These points need to be verified before they are available - this is typical with recent purchases.

How quickly can I use my points?

It usually takes up to 3 days for your points to become active.

Do my points expire?

Yes, your points expire after 1 year. We will email you if you have points that are about to expire.